About the Yesterweb Ring

This is a webring for anyone who is tired of how boring and same-y the internet is today. It's for anyone who is sick of seeing websites used purely to drive monetization, informative blogs that ask you to subscribe to see content.

If you believe that the internet is being wrongly controlled by capitalism, or that social interaction online should be more than it currently is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, then you belong here.

Who can join?

To borrow from another great webring, 'Everyone who has a website where making money is not the primary goal. This is the real, good old noncommercial Internet that we vaguely remember.' To add on to that, we do not accept websites with hate speech, bigotry of any kind.

How to join

You can submit your website here.

Once you have been notified that you have been added, place the following code on the front page of your website where you'd like it.

Make sure you replace "YOUR URL HERE" with the same URL you submitted. Ensure it has a trailing dash, like https://mysite.neocities.org/

Finally, add this to your head tags on the page where the widget is:

How to change widget appearance

You can customize the widget to an extent with the following root CSS variables (place this in your code BELOW the widget):

A more detailed tutorial coming soon!